Skin Care Products For Summer Protection

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Summer is irritating for several reasons. We have to literally combat with many an enemy. The dazzling sun rays may brighten up nature and the season may gift you juicy fruits like mango, litchi, watermelon, jackfruit, guava and many more, nonetheless, you may find the season irritating. The hot humid condition during summer makes our life a hell.

The major problem that we face during summer is the skin disease. The searing heat often triggers blisters on the skin that consequentially leads to inflammation, irritation, itching and many such skin problems. If not properly medicated, such blisters leave scars and dark spots that may last forever.

There are multiple way outs to deal with such problems. Varieties of creams and cosmetics and many herbal products are available in the market that may be the solution to such skin diseases. The dreadful ultra violate rays are sneaking through the Ozone layer and cause damage to our skin. Therefore, it is important to take protection before any damage occurs.

Skin Care

Check out some products and precautions:

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 Sunscreen:
Recently Lakme has launched a new product in nicer and yellower packaging. The Lakme sunscreen contains a high SPF and gives solid protection against the UV rays without making you feel sticky or heavy. Once applied on the face, it will take some time to blend properly and thus leaves a slightly whitish cast initially. However, over all, the product is pretty good and applicable to all types of skin. Unlike other SPF sunscreens, this Lakme product is relatively light weight and nice.   

Neutrogena Dry Touch:
As compared to Lakme, Neutrogena Dry Touch is a bit too heavy. Therefore, the product leaves a shiny effect and makes you feel a bit sticky. However, no other products in the market can outdo the protection that it provides.

From deep cleansing action to eye-make removal, L’Oreal is the best answer. The brand has a range of product s on offers that give the ultimate solution to the skin damage problem. Considering the scorching summer, L’Oreal has launched a bouquet of products that provides your face correct nutrition and rinse of the toxic contents.

Skin Products

Make-Up Remover:
Apply Make- up Remover on your skin and gently rub the skin. Gradually all the traces will be vanished from the skin. You will feel smooth and suave all the way.   

Revitalift Cleansing:
Revitalift rejuvenating cleansing is all-in-one anti aging solution that provides effective protection and prevents your skin from being damaged by UV rays. Revitalift rejuvenating cleansing-Rich make-up removing milk helps to remove all the impurities and stains and thus make you feel revitalised and perfectly cool.

Age Perfect:
Due to the blazing summer our skin often tends to get dry and dull. Aging line occurs on the face and skin that make your skin look crinkle and rough. Age Perfect provides the finest solution to help prevent the skin from being further damaged and thus offers radiant glow to the skin.

Wear Cotton shirt:
You may consider keeping some cotton shirts into your wardrobe. Avoid any thing loud and flashy. Light and simple clothing is the ideal wear during summer. A pair of denim jeans and simple cotton shirt is a nice combination that works better during summer. White shirt is a good choice. Anything white and off white is always the best in summer, as all of us know that white reflects a larger amount of light and heat than it absorbs. It is important to wisely choose fashion and style statement during this time.

Fruit JuiceDrink plenty of Water:
Since acne occurs due to some internal issues, it is important to maintain internal balance. Drink   plenty of water every day. Drinking adequate quantity of water keeps you healthy from internally. Gradually your skin will emit glow and radiance.

Drink Fruit Juice:
Avoid drinking aerated drinks like soda water, soft drinks, or any artificial fruit juice. Make sure drinking fresh fruit juice. People nowadays prefer drinking fruit juice that is sold on the street. The citric acid content in fruits helps in the metabolic activities regulated properly and smoothly.     

Wear Caps:
It is important to wear caps during winter. There are varieties of designed caps available in the market. You may consider a few in your ensemble. The direct UV rays might be harmful to your head and therefore, may cause headache.

Wear Sunglass:
Your eyes are important organs of your body. Protective measures must be taken to save the eyes from the exposure to the blazing sunlight. So, wear sunglass and look cool.

Protect your body, take good care of your skin & stay cool these summer days.