Latest Trend in Fashion & Accessories

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Women love their body. And narcissism is no longer deemed as an abnormal behavioral pattern. In today’s world women are much more conscious about their style statement and latest fashion mantra. Gone are the days when women used to prefer traditional clothing and simple make up. Time changes; so does taste. With every day passing, the overall concept of fashion is changing. Let’s have a glimpse into the world.

CaprisSeveral important aspects come into the way when it comes to make an in-depth study on the latest buzz in fashion world. In present era fashion fascination is no longer limited to just wardrobe and outfits but is extended to make up and accessories. Since each season has its own features and distinctive characteristics, it is expected that there will be considerable tweaking in trend.

Let’s beat summer – neon on card
Forget about anything loud and flashy when it comes to beat the dazzling summer. Well, neon bible can be an option to shock and awe. Neon suits the season as well as mood. Since the color itself is a statement, one does not need to put in much effort. Pairing neon with white is a safe way of sporting the trend.

Important tips to remember:

1. Don’t go overboard. Have a single neon piece in the entire ensemble unless you are bold enough. However, it’s another issue if you want to be Lady Gaga.

2. Keep accessories to a minimum. You may go for block heels, little bit of silver jewelry and understated makeup.

3. If you are too squeamish to sport a neon outfit, start with accessories. Belts, wristwatches and neon peeptoes can brighten up a dull look any day. Do not forget to try neon clutch.

4. If you are nail polish fetish, nail it right now.

Cutwork Fashion:
Cutwork fashion is a technique used on almost everything. This style lends a see-through look for dresses, shoes and bags. Intricate cutwork with vintage embroidery looks great on jacket especially if highlighted on sleeve or color. Monochrome magic always works! Along with shimmery tones of dusted gold, copper and silver also create a great impact. If you want to try something simple, have a fun with contrasting color that is soothing to eyes.

Tips to keep in mind:

1. It is better to avoid sporting contrasting lingerie, as it will put your ensemble in bad taste. You may consider neutral or nude colored innerwear.

2. Do not stuff your closet with unfinished cutwork fabric, as it might be torn at any time. 

3. Avoid sporting too much of ornaments or intricate accessories, as they never go well with cutwork design.

Have a fun with funky:
Let’s learn some funky fundamentals. Sweet and colorful dress lends a kind chic charm to your personality. And you can have a funky fun only when you choose the right accessories to go with it. Try it at the right place and feel free all the way.

Women in CoatFlatter with loosened full-skirt:
If you are not Kate Moss blessed with proper size zero figure, you must avoid trying super tight tube tops. Who does not want to look sexy? Shed the idea that micro mini skirt holds the secret to get the guys on the knees. Try something loose and full-skirted that better that is best suited to your height and personality.   

Find your style:
Try something hot and chic to look sizzling. Enrich your ensemble with floral and metal studs that are better match for unusual fabric. Classic embellishment with unusual embroidery is the latest trend to look for.

Buy a classic pair of dark washed jeans. When you are at work or doing any casual activities, you may try this one.

1. A pair of Capri pants is ideal when you are hanging out with friends or doing shopping.

2. A pair of comfortable, soft and flexible fleece pants is a must and great match for cool t-shirts.

3. Look for a pair of shoes or booties that complete your wardrobe and make you feel oomph.

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