Easy & Convenient Online Shopping

Monday, February 4th, 2013

It won’t be long when shopping in brick and mortar businesses will go out of fashion and for good reason. Dragging screaming kids to the mall for Christmas shopping is a daunting experience as any mother will claim. Therefore it isn’t surprising why online retail stores are enjoying so much popularity especially since internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Why Online Shopping?

Online retail or online shopping is a form ecommerce or electronic commerce. Through it consumers are given the chance to purchase goods or services from sellers over the Internet without an intermediary service.

Girl Shopping
The convenience that online shops offer speaks for itself. Husbands everywhere breathe a sigh of relief if they forget to buy gifts for their wives on wedding anniversaries especially when all it takes to get one delivered is a few taps and click on the keyboard. Other notable perks include the following –

1. Lower Prices

Don’t be surprised if you come across a pair of headphones that is being sold for $5 less in an online specialty store. A lot of online stores usually attract consumers through special deals on certain items and on wholesale prices. This is because the items themselves come directly from manufacturers without any middlemen involved. Digital coupons are quite popular for this reason as well.

2. Variety

How many times have you rushed to a sale only to find that the item you wanted just went out of stock? Needless to say, if you can’t locate a size six dress in a particular shade of red in a brick and mortar store chances are that you will find it in an online store at half price. A lot of online retailers offer specialty items for hardcore shoppers. Plus, they also offer consumers the chance to purchase items from other countries for a small fee.
Online stores also offer a greater pick of sizes, brands and colors than land based stores. Most major brands realize the fact as well which is why you won’t find a brand that hasn’t opened shop online.

Online Shopping
3. Compare Prices

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of online shopping is that it helps you save cash by allowing you to compare prices. There is nothing worse than buying an item only to find out that it is being sold at half of what you paid in the store next door. The internet allows consumers to compare prices from hundreds of stores without actually having to buy anything.

4. Avoid Crowds

Consumers have no shortage of elbow room in a virtual store. This can be convenient during the holiday season and special events. A grumpy shopper can sour your own shopping experience. Plus online shoppers never have to worry about finding parking spaces like they have to in crowded malls.

How does it Work?

Ecommerce basically comes in three types namely business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer and business to business (B2B) –

1. Business to Consumer

This term signifies transactions that are directly conducted between a company and its target consumers. In fact, almost all companies that cater to consumers can be referred to as B2C which is popularly used to denote online retailers that sell products and services through the internet.

Boy Shopping
For example, popular products that are sold in B2C businesses might include electronic items, books, fitness equipment, home décor, furniture and clothing.
An online retail website is designed to be easy to use. It usually includes product descriptions, images and virtual shopping carts in order to allow for easy checkouts.

2. Consumer to Consumer

As the name implies this particular type of ecommerce involves one consumer selling directly to another usually through online auctions. The items on auction go to the highest bidder.

3. Business to Business

B2B transactions occur between manufacturers and wholesalers or between retailers and wholesalers. They involve the processing of subcomponents or raw materials through a supply chain. As the name implies it mainly involves businesses that provide services or products through other businesses for a variety of reasons like research, online recruiting, advertising, technical support, marketing, financial or credit services.


One of the biggest companies for B2B and B2C transactions is the online retail giant Amazon.com. Its reputation as a provider for eBooks is well known with its Kindle store that boasts of over one million books, magazines, newspapers and blogs.
The retail website serves consumers by focusing on convenience, selection and price. Its four major customer sets include sellers, content creators, consumers, sellers and enterprises. The brand also generates revenue through promotional services like online advertising.