Advanced Electronic Gadgets For Todays Need

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Things have changed so dramatically over the last decade or so. It was only in the early 1990s that we had to carry separate cameras, camcorders, recorders, mobile phones and all kinds of electronic paraphernalia. But now, all you need is a Smartphone, that not only replaces all this equipment but also boasts better functionality and results as compared to what we could achieve a mere 10 years ago.


The same can be said for computers as well; these are getting smaller, faster and better than ever. When Apple and Microsoft came up with the desktop PC, nobody thought it would become such an integral part of our lives. But these too have now become outmoded as it is impossible to carry around the desktop PC all the time. So enter, Laptops. For a while, everyone had a laptop hidden inside their business bags and it became indispensible for students and everyone else. But then again, laptops are big, somewhat heavy and need a separate bag of their own. Also the flip up screen pretty much cuts off the user from the rest of the world by making it impossible to have much one on one interaction. And besides, advancements in technology have made things even sweeter and smaller!


This is the era of tablets. Apple iPad made it cool for everyone to have a screen of their own. Even though other companies had previously made attempts to market similar products, Apple succeeded where others couldn’t. The reason is clear; theirs is a superior product with unparallel functionality, good looks and a great branding effort behind the scenes. However products like Microsoft Surface and Sony Xperia are giving Apple some competition.

Laptops still possess a lot more computing power than tablets and since not everyone wants to keep a computing device on them at all times, laptops are still strong sellers. Notebooks are smaller than laptops while net books are the smallest of them all.

Sony vs. HP: Who is on top?

The market can be a confusing place if you are planning on buying a computer in the near future. The usual buyer is inundated with specifications about the CPU, graphics, RAM and display etc. Many laptop and computer brands are in competition for your money.  But Sony and HP are the most popular and for good reason.

HP offers great quality along with amazing after service and warranty. Sony products are strikingly beautiful and again, of admirable quality. It is hard to choose a winner between the two as it all depends on your preferences more than it does on our expertise on the products!

Sony Laptops are Sony more expensive. Stylish costs money! So if you want a powerful machine and good looks to go with it, Sony laptops are for you. The higher cost also gives Sony the advantage of being lighter, and more portable than HP machines. These laptops are also known for incorporating innovative technologies into their offerings. This means that when you pay that extra amount, you are in fact getting more than just good looks. Sony laptops have some amazing components that usually outlast those in an HP laptop. Sony also provides great customer service & support.

HP on the other hand can be called the “old dependable”. If looks aren’t of much concern for you and you don’t mind carrying around a slightly heavier laptop, than HP can serve you well. You will have a hard time finding new technologies in HP products though. Take for example, Blue-Ray players that were adopted quickly by Sony, but HP has yet to offer these in their laptops. HP laptops are great for those in need of reliable computing power that doesn’t cost a lot and comes with a good customer service and support.

The Next Big thing?

HP Apart from Sony and HP, other brands such as Acer, Apple, Toshiba and Lenovo are also busy striving to create customer friendly computer products including laptops and tablets. The new generation of computers promises to make our lives easier and more tech-dependent than ever!

As you read this, researches are busy refining intelligent memory chips known as memristors. These will possibly make Flash memories, hard drives and RAM redundant. Intel and AMD are working on 32 core CPUs. These promise to increase our computing power exponentially. To understand the power that we will have in our hands in the near future, consider this: these days we can’t do better than core 2 duo processors, and a 6 core processor is also up for grabs by Intel within the next couple of years.