4th of July: The American Day of Liberation

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

‘I hear America Singing, the varied carols I hear’

Yes, Walt Whitman has put words to the American freedom celebration quite aptly. Freedom is about getting free from the shackles of bondage; rediscovering an untapped potential that a country possesses. And the great leaders of The United States of America realised this potential 237 years back when they decided to come out of the rules of the crown. And now, as the result of that great decision, America stands tall as one of the most powerful countries in the world. That one decision changed the future of a country and established a new idea called democracy.

4th of July 1776 saw a historic event that ended one and a half century of British rule over United States, that is the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The self-formed congress voted for the bill and declared the 13 colonies as a sovereign country. The colonies got separated from the British rule on 2nd July but the declaration was approved on 4th July. From that day on the date has ingrained in each and every American heart. The proud country celebrates its independence day with fun and obviously remembering the great minds that brought this rule of tyranny down.

In a letter to his wife Abigail, John Adams had written that in future people of United States will celebrate the day with “pomp and parade”. And it is true to this day itself. Freedom is not only about the country and its people; it is about tearing apart the self-imposed obedience to an inhuman cruelty that slowly eats our self-respect and morality. 4th of July is emblematic of that freedom of self. It is the celebration of various cultures that constitute the American democracy. It is the day when the whole country commemorates the struggle that has brought them where they are today. Over two centuries have gone past but all America has seen is a way forward. From literature to science, from arts to technology, America has made its presence felt in every sphere that a man can think of. And it has made possible because of those freedom loving and visionary leaders who had anticipated this progress.

Independence Day
So, till today the 4th of July is celebrated throughout the country with reverence and enjoyment. Americans are hearty people; whatever they do, they do it king size. Their progress can be seen in the lavishness of their celebration of this special day. The people of US rejoice the day with beach parties, barbecues, fireworks etc. but among all these enjoyments there is a deep veneration for the martyrs who gave their lives to bring the bright days of independence.

The most common thing that can be seen on 4th July is that a national flag is hanged at every single household. People wear clothes that match the colour white, blue and red of the national flag or a flag pin adorns their chest; people wear various kinds of hats, dresses to make oneself a part of this nationwide celebration. Municipalities in every city or town organises Independence Day parade to mark the freedom movement. People take part in the march and many people stand beside the roads with flags and balloons and cheer the marching band.

As it is a summer time 4th of July sees a lot of amusement activities among the people. It is a national holiday, so obviously people spend their days with friends. They organise beach parties, backyard barbecue parties. The day is seen as a day of coming together as a part of a bigger community. Schools and colleges organise programs that uphold the glory of American Revolution. The President of the United States and many other leaders give inspiring speeches make people aware of the responsibilities that come with freedom.

One of the most prominent features of American celebration of Independence Day is the fireworks. It is an unbelievable thing to behold. The city of Boston, that witnessed the freedom struggle, organises a week-long celebration of this day. It includes fireworks, tours, concerts etc. The Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is another place which is not only famous for the man-made wonder but also for the celebration of Independence Day. People throng there to soak into the history of America.

It all may seem only fun and frolic. But deep down there is a strong feeling of patriotism and that gets reflected when people come out on the roads and celebrate the fact of being free. After all some dates are a part of our lives that defines who we are.